Karcher Foster Services

An Extension of Your Family

An Extension of Your Family
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Years Licensed Foster Parent

The many years David Karcher spent doing foster care within his own home helped model and set the standards which Karcher Foster Services, Inc. incorporates into every one of his foster care sites.

Skeeter (pictured on the left) moved into the Karcher’s home in 1994. Skeeter currently resides in one of the homes and enjoys the family atmosphere which he had helped create. Skeeter would like to inform people that he loves his home and is very happy to live with Karcher Foster Services, Inc.

We value the input of family, loved ones, and team members. We believe it helps us to provide the highest quality of personal care in every aspect of the individual’s daily life.

We recognize diversity and that each family and each person is a unique being. We acknowledge individual preferences and create person-centered plans based on those specific needs. Some examples of how this is reflected include menu choices, goal planning, activities, and bedroom decoration.